Learning from mistakes

Monday 9 January

Weight 194.5

This morning I spent a couple of hours reading through past journals that I have written and what became apparent and very sad, was that I have spent so much time writing weight loss goals and recording what I have eat. Despite this yearly journaling, my weight has gone up every year! So how do I stop making the same mistakes?

As I read through my journals, I identified that I eat when I am frustrated and upset, so I concluded that I am frustrated and upset quite often. So what are my problems and how can I overcome them?

Another theme I discovered is that I am constantly looking back, running away from negative problems and holding grudges. I certainly pretend that I have moved on and forgiven people. A friend of mine indicated that it makes me a victim and allows people to bully me – people mostly being family members. Perhaps writing this blog will allow me to vent, so I can truly forgive and forget and move on in my life.

So where I am right now? Thousands of miles away from everyone, including my family that I love and cherish. I need to work out where I want to be and how do I get there?

As for my weight loss goal – still on track and doing well.

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