In (or out of) perspective.

Wednesday 11 January

Weight 194.5

Yesterday I took the plunge and Joined Title Boxing in the hope that it will help shift some pounds and get me in better shape. I really enjoyed the class and left sweaty and feeling positive.

I admit that I am quite a negative person who over analyses everything.  Looking at my Facebook recently, I realised a friend of mine, whom I met teaching and had long since moved to Canada, had no Facebook pictures posted. I knew she had recently had a baby and wanted to see how she was getting on. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find her and assumed the worst, she must have defriended me. I know – pathetic. Today I received a delighted reply from an email that I sent her.Sadly, she had taken down her Facebook down because her father had been murdered by his own cousin.

Lesson learned. There are many reasons why people stop being in touch. Her other news, she thought she might be pregnant again. My friend remains upbeat, positive and forward looking. I need to learn to be more like her!

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